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KYO Legal provides comprehensive and qualified services to property owners and investors (i) with regards to the transfer and management of their properties; (ii) for the execution of the transactions relating the properties before administrative authorities, (iii) regarding the disputes arising from real estate and construction law while utilizing the expertise of architects, engineers and surveyors once required. Some of our services offered in this context are as follows:

  • Cooperative transactions;
  • Establishment of mortgages and usufruct, annulment and abandonment transactions, and establishment and abandonment of other real rights;
  • Providing legal support to owners in the demolition and reconstruction process of risky buildings and resolution of legal disputes related to the urban transformation process;
  • Licensing and zoning status determination services;
  • Foundation immovable allocation procedures;
  • Title deed cancellation and registration cases;
  • Denial of intervention and unlawful detainer (ecrimisil) cases;
  • Elimination of partnership (izale-i şüyu) cases;
  • Lease agreements;
  • Eviction cases;
  • Rent determination and adaptation cases;
  • Real estate appraisal systems;
  • Preliminary contract for the real estate sales;
  • The cases regarding the confiscating without expropriating;
  • Expropriation-Determination of the sales price and registration cases;
  • Expropriation-Cancellation of administrative proceedings;
  • Disputes arising from common ownership and / or joint ownership;
  • By the virtue of Forestry Law and lawsuits related to forest lands; lawsuits filed by the administration due to 2B application or any other reasons, lawsuits related to immovables whose title deeds have been canceled by court decision; such as immovables submitted as 2B or located within the forest boundaries; and

Resolution of administrative and legal disputes arising from zoning legislation.

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