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As KYO Legal, we provide a wide range of services in the fields of corporate law and corporate governance to the companies incorporated with domestic and international shareholders regarding every aspect of legal issues that they may encounter in their daily activities; from the execution of litigation and execution proceedings up to the registration of various business and transactions in the trade registry. In this context, the most important services provided by our law firm to its corporate clients, especially joint stock and limited liability companies, are as follows:


  • Follow-up of company incorporation procedures, especially the procedures before the tax offices and trade registry and preparation of incorporation documents;
  • Follow-up of the branch and liaison office opening procedures and transfer procedures of company headquarters;
  • Conducting ordinary and extraordinary general assembly and board of directors meetings;
  • Execution of restructuring processes such as spin-off, merger and conversion of type;
  • Completion of capital increase and/or capital decrease transactions;
  • Execution of share transfer transactions, including legal consultancy services regarding the exercise of shareholders' option rights (call option, put option etc.);
  • Obtaining the license to open and operate a workplace;
  • Preparation of decisions regarding representation and binding and appointment and/or dismissal of managers;
  • Preparation and amendment of contracts to which the company is a party due to the operation of the company; such as lease, sales and employment contracts, and determination of legal risks; and
  • Preparation of documents required for the operation of the company such as power of attorney, signature circulars, including the procedures to be carried out before the notary public.

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