Faaliyet Alanları

Ana Sayfa Faaliyet Alanları

Administrative Law

KYO Legal, shall provide legal support to its clients via making the necessary applications against the unlawful administrative acts and actions of the administration and following the legal processes regarding these applications, while acting with the motive of protecting the rights of individuals against the administration in the light of legal principles in order to ensure that individuals may not lose their rights against the administration in any way. Some of the services we provide in this field are as follows:


Our law firm shall provide compliance project services to many sectors, especially in the fields of financial technology (fintech) and electronic commerce, which are among the most important areas of commercial practice nowadays.

Contracts Law

As KYO Legal, we provide legal consultancy services in accordance with the expectations and needs of our domestic and international natural and legal person clients, from the negotiation stage of the contracts to the completion of the signatures.

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

As KYO Legal, we provide a wide range of services in the fields of corporate law and corporate governance to the companies incorporated with domestic and international shareholders regarding every aspect of legal issues that they may encounter in their daily activities; from the execution of litigation and execution proceedings up to the registration of various business and transactions in the trade registry.

Criminal Law

As KYO Legal, we shall provide a meticulous, result-oriented, successful and effective service to our clients with the value we attach to human rights and freedoms while professionally applying extensive knowledge based on legislation and court decisions in the field of criminal law with our expert team.

Data Protection Law

Our law firm provides a full range of legal consultancy services, especially for Personal Data Protection Law compliance projects, with a team that has a rich knowledge of both Turkish and European Union legislation and practice.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution shall be one of the areas of activity in which our law firm has the most experience and expertise.

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

KYO Legal conducts comprehensive legal research in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law in order to determine all movables and immovables belonging to the debtor and the rights and receivables of debtor arising from the relations with the third parties in enforcement proceedings for the collection of receivables.

Family Law

As being KYO Legal, we offer fast-moving and solution-oriented services in all disputes in areas regulated by family law.

Insurance Law

As KYO Legal, we shall represent our legal person and natural person clients in disputes arising out of insurance law, particularly in compensation lawsuits, subrogation lawsuits and negative declaration lawsuits; as well as providing consultancy services including risk analysis related to insurance policies.

Labor and Social Security Law

KYO Legal shall provide legal counseling services to both the employer and the employee in resolving disputes arising from labor and social security law, as well as offering legal consultancy services to its corporate clients to operate in accordance with the legislation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our law firm provides legal consultancy services to its clients, both strategic and financial investors and sellers, in the execution of mergers and acquisitions, from the beginning of negotiations to the completion of post-closing transactions.

Real Estate and Expropriation Law

KYO Legal provides comprehensive and qualified services to property owners and investors (i) with regards to the transfer and management of their properties; (ii) for the execution of the transactions relating the properties before administrative authorities, (iii) regarding the disputes arising from real estate and construction law while utilizing the expertise of architects, engineers and surveyors once required.

Venture Capital (Start-up) Law

As acting both entrepreneur and investor counsel, our law firm carries out the entire process from the seed stage to a possible exit stage, taking into account the specific financial needs of venture investments and the ecosystem.

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