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KYO Legal conducts comprehensive legal research in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law in order to determine all movables and immovables  belonging to the debtor and the rights and receivables of debtor arising from the relations with the third parties in enforcement proceedings for the collection of receivables. The services in this field also include litigation proceedings in execution courts and general courts for the resolution of disputes between the creditor/debtor and third parties. In this context, other services provided by our law firm are mainly as follows:

  • Initiation of enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings for the collection of receivables;
  • Debt settlement negotiations between debtor or creditor clients and counterparties and concluding of settlement agreements;
  • Follow-up of bankruptcy postponement processes;
  • Execution of bankruptcy proceedings, including participation in creditors' meetings;
  • Follow-up of concordat proceedings; and
  • Resolution of disputes arising from general loan agreements of banks.

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