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As acting both entrepreneur and investor counsel, our law firm carries out the entire process from the seed stage to a possible exit stage, taking into account the specific financial needs of venture investments and the ecosystem. In this context, some of the services we provide in the most appropriate way for entrepreneur and investor needs are listed below:

  • Drafting shareholders' agreements complying with the needs of entrepreneur and investor and completing company incorporations;
  • Post-establishment round investments and capital injection;
  • Providing legal support with regards to the share transfer or exit stages during the interim period or post-optimization;
  • Preparing all kinds of documents required for investment activities specifically for entrepreneurs and investors and following up the process of applications;
  • Reviewing the investments to be made in start-ups on legal grounds and drafting/reviewing the relevant agreements; and
  • Conducting legal reviews and the entire legal process (especially, the legal due diligence process) regarding changes in type such as mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions.

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