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As being KYO Legal, we offer fast-moving and solution-oriented services in all disputes in areas regulated by family law. The services provided by our law firm, especially in uncontested and contentious divorce cases, cases arising from property regime, engagement, custody and alimony, which are frequently encountered in family law, are mainly as follows:

  • Taking protection measures in accordance with Law No. 6284;
  • Family residence annotation procedures;
  • Uncontested divorce;
  • Paternity cases;
  • Contested divorce cases;
  • Alimony cases;
  • Material and non-pecuniary compensation cases arising from divorce;
  • Property regime cases arising from divorce;
  • Property settlements arising from divorce;
  • Enforcement of adoption procedure and legal counseling;
  • Marriage authorization cases;
  • Nullity and annulment of marriage cases;
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements and cases arising from such agreement;
  • Name correction cases;
  • Accidental consent cases;
  • Cases of liquidation of property regime;
  • Alimony increase cases;
  • Denial of generation cases;
  • Compensation cases arising from the breach of the promise to marry;
  • Paternity cases;
  • Custody and guardianship cases;
  • Age correction cases; and
  • Recognition and enforcement of divorce judgments rendered abroad.

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